Quick thoughts on a selection of new music singles

“Born Again Teen” by Lucius

Driven by the somewhat larcenous and anarchic vocal energy of its female duo, this sonic sugar rush of a song propels itself along a barely contained surface. Someone has clearly  inspired the singers to amorous, sensual distraction, bringing them back to a halcyon time of unregulated emotional outburst. It’s the sound of  individuals about to go out of their minds, but in the most luscious, satisfying way-an infectious, high-spirited blast.

“Most Definitely” by Kins

Dark and sludgy, this brings the listener terrifyingly close to the uneasy nocturnal restlessness of a troubled young man apparently in the stormy throes of sexual unease and yearning. Great squalls of guitar and washes of anxious synths continually disturb any moment given to reflection, in which vocalist Thomas Savage’s fragile voice nearly breaks apart against the unrelenting insistence of desire. It’s an atmospheric smother of a song, which offers no resolution-you sense this man is stuck in a closed erotic loop. One caution: the song is resolutely explicit lyrically.

“Last Words” by Isaac Gracie

This is artist Gracie’s sole offering presently, but it already feels like the work of a fully accomplished and seasoned talent. With no overdressed production, and with a calm, unhurried vocal, Gracie hypnotically and compellingly rivets a listener’s attention as he details a life that has seemingly gone tragically off-course, abandoned to mistake and failure. There is great careworn focus in his voice, and the song puts me in mind of dusk and dust, for some odd reason-a stunner.