Bronze-cast icons from across the history of Warner Brothers studios have colonised the spaces in and around London’s famed Leicester Square, settling in for at least a six-month residency. As this area has long been associated with its grand and majestic cinemas and its use as the premier location of red-carpet ceremonies, a more apropos place to situate such enduring film characters could not be found.

Laurel & Hardy lock in slapstick step atop the HotTix booth, Gene Kelly frolics upon a lamppost, Mary Poppins lands at a gate entrance, Bugs Bunny pops up in a garden spot, Charlie Chaplin toddles on his cane, while Mr. Bean and Paddington take seats on benches within the square, anticipating the relentless selfie opportunities to come (but do take care to respect that Paddington may want to savour his marmalade sandwich in peace).

Batman surveys the activity with his signature fraught vigilance from the high roof of the Odeon Cinema across the way. Only poor Wonder Woman is unceremoniously consigned to a distant corner, bursting forth from a side wall of the Vue West End Cinema onto a mean little passageway now under heavy construction.

No doubt the sculptures will bring delight to thousands of visitors-those who venture with intention and those who happily stumble upon them as tourists. Light displays in the evening will further enhance many of the pieces, and Spotify offers an immersive soundtrack to accompany a walk through the trail. Scenes in the Square will run through the summer, if not longer due to demand


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