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This virtual reality work devised by celebrated sculptor Antony Gormley in collaboration with Dr. Priyamvada Natarajan (of NASA) sweeps a viewer from the beachfront of a tropical island through the outer reaches of the atmosphere into an asteroid belt and straight onto the surface of the moon, before catapulting a user directly into the annihilating path of the sun, flares snaking off its blinding orb, an all-consuming image of white concluding the experience. I’m fairly certain there is nothing much profound to uncover philosophically or conceptually from the work-it exists mainly as an avenue towards heightened sensation, using the first-person aesthetic of gaming culture as its base.

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The simulations are produced using geometric data from NASA models, lending the environments a sweep and detail and expanse especially striking to the spirit. As much as Gormley’s preoccupations are with the (static) body and its materiality in space, as a place or location of matter , I can see the curiosity and challenge for him offered by this new technology, in which a creator must guide a disembodied user through a series of limitless spaces while achieving the sensation of body. Absent of his foundational, explicit element, he must rather suggest the subjective conscious in its movement (velocity) through space and time, the driving environment dictating definition.

Credit art news

Quite beyond all this theoretical notation, what I will remember most (in the moments each participant is allowed to roam freely via controller before being whisked off to the next level) is a frolic along the waterfront up into the lush vegetation of the tropical island, rotating around the circumference of the Earth as it recedes, and bouncing happily along a crater’s edge in zero gravity, lifting off in flight soaring meditatively above the barren moonscape in a sacred, silent covenant. You are encouraged by your “attendant” to decompress in a lounge before venturing home, as perceptions may have been impaired-I confess to remaining a bit woozy following disembarkment. LUNATICK continues through 25 May 

Antony Gormley & Dr Priyamvada Natarajan


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