I thought it was more than about time to end the drought of word and expression from the past six weeks. It may only seem as if I had fallen off the face of the earth, but in actuality I was on an indulgent road (and ferry boat) odyssey through an impossibly serene and scenic New Zealand, bracketed either end by visits to good friends in the rather diametrically opposed urban fray of Los Angeles. A deluded confidence led me to believe that I would have numerous opportunities to send out posts as I travelled, but most evenings would find me in what I can only describe as a sensate stupor, a nicely ravaged state of overstimulation-sleep was the only creative act of which I was capable. I will write a future post about my observations and thoughts of my experiences in both locations-reflection will bring a deeper perspective. In a peculiar way, it is wholly possible to feel absolutely remote and removed-certainly geographically, but also spiritually-from all global conflict and crisis when in New Zealand, a most refreshing, replenishing feeling, as if even the most terrible international catastrophe would hardly register a tremor in the daily narrative of the islands. I leave you with a few of my favourite images from the journey to communicate a sense of why, for a few weeks at least (given the relentlessly stunning vistas), the wonder of the natural world stole the supremacy of words, made them redundant or temporarily not required.


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