GDIF 2017


Rapidly approaching is one of my favourite times of year, the few weekends in early summer when the Greenwich and Docklands Festival arrives to delight and awe audiences with their slate of wildly ambitious and all-encompassing programming (one weekend in various locations in Greenwich, another set throughout Canary Wharf, and for the first time this year, a third weekend exclusive to Woolwich). Unequivocally, one or two of the events each year (a cross-section of theatre, circus and dance performance) are amongst the most cherished and resonant art pieces I experience. The largest-scale works are scheduled for the opening evening, playing out on the broad lawns and courts of the Old Royal Naval College or the Maritime Museum. It is a great and tremendous pleasure to plan an entire day’s activity drifting from one performance to the next, surrounded by the infectious energy and drive of fellow festivalgoers. I’m providing the link to the official website so that (if you should find yourself with some free time) you may begin to craft an itinerary. Most of the events (with the exception of a few of the first night’s extravaganzas) are free!



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